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Throughout my time as a content creator, I've ventured into many projects that I've either joined halfway through or I've helped build from inception. Pubs Of Oxford was built with a friend and is still live today. The Ampleforth Pub website was a community based project I joined in late 2015. It came about when the local pub, The Ampleforth Arms, shut down and a local team wanted to rejuvenate it. Below I talk about what my role was on the project and have included links to the websites themselves.

Pubs of Oxford

Pubs Of Oxford was a site I co-founded with Chris Sawyer. We wanted a site that could list a directory of all the pubs in Oxford. The user would be able to add and remove filters to find exactly what kind of pub they were looking for. If they wanted a pool table, a place that serves breakfast or a somewhere by the water, you can simply choose your location and then apply the filters to find out which pubs offer the facilities you want.

We offer local advertisement space for the pubs in Oxford, such as job vacancies and events. We even supported the resurrection of The Amp, a recently closed pub in Risinghurst, get back on its feet and start serving the local community again.

My role for Pubs Of Oxford was to provide content and blog posts for the site as well as create social media campaigns. The best way of achieving this was by building relationships with pub owners and managers to gather the most accurate information possible.

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The Amp

As part of the Management Committee for The Amp Community Pub Ltd I was designated the role of Digital Web Coordinator. This meant looking after the site by updating it with news, posters and events. It also involved dealing with enquiries from the shareholders and the local community that wanted to know more about the venture.

The project was a success! The famous C.S Lewis watering hole re-opened, after a two and half year closure, on November 25th 2017.

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Oxford University Help Pages

Whilst working for Oxford University, I was to provide content for the media services' Lecture Capture Help pages.

This involved building a workflow from the ground up. I had to understand what pages would be needed which meant going back to basics on the service we were offering. I needed to work out how many segments there were to be, what important technical information had to be written, what images and graphics would have to be created and what videos had to be included. And then do it...

It was a continuous assignment over a long period of time working for the university. Updating pages with the latest information, videos, links and tutorials each term was a fundamental aspect of running the lecture capture help site, so learning the basics in HTML and CSS was a necessity.

Most of the infographics and diagrams were created in Photoshop. The videos were edited in Premiere Pro and After Effects and the text was written directly in the Drupal CMS.

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Delux Cars

This was a collaboration with bespoke website developer Chris Sawyer over at Code to Pixels. The client needed their website redesigned and rebuilt to enhance their conversion rate and increase their SEO. 

After the site had been completed by Code to Pixels it was my job to come in and create content for the site as well as building copy for the headers. 

The project was completed in April 2018.

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