My Second Horror Short

Recently I filmed another horror short: Our House (Working title). It's on the same scale as A Comfortable Grave. Tiny shoot, minimal cast, no dialogue and a duration of about 90 seconds. This one, however, definitely seems to be taking longer to edit than the first one. On A Comfortable Grave I made it as simple as possible for the edit. Cut it together, add sounds, grade it and done. This one though, I decided to take a more complex route to its post production. I knew I wanted to make something along the lines of a Grindhouse short; flickering images, broken reels, saturated colour grading and a great 'synthy' soundtrack to run along side - but this means a lot more work in the post production stage.

The shoot did go very smoothly. Set up within a few hours, did a few test shots and got the lighting just right. Got a nice balance between orange and teal throughout, though it was a little tricky when we reshot a scene after we'd moved past that set. Trying to reorganise the lights again was a bit of nightmare. You may notice it when you watch it... Luckily I had a fantastic camera crew again; Adam Palmer, and Steve Pierce. Both very technical, flexible and creative with their shots.

One extra feature I added to this short when we were shooting was a haze machine. Great fun using it and certainly gives the scene an eerie horror style affect. It did flood the entire house with haze though. But after 20 minutes with the windows open it dissipated.

Hopefully I'll get around to finishing this short soon and once I'm happy with it, I'll be sending it to a few horror festivals come October.

Over and out. :)

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