Colliding - Competition

A little update from the world of Colliding here. As always, I'm keeping an eye out on the BBC Writers Room opportunities page. An area I've bookmarked as one of my favourites to keep a keen eye out for upcoming competitions. Recently I saw one for Pint-Sized Plays.

They are looking for submissions of 10-15 minute pieces or excerpts (no particular theme or genre) for a week of new shows at The Bunker Theatre, London in October 2018. Successful writers will receive a £150 fee and a writing mentor. Attendees to their shows include agents and literary departments from theatres and previously successful writers have gained agents as a result or seen their work transfer to theatres.

So I thought why not give Colliding a go. It could easily work as theatre as the setting is one place. It's a minimum of two characters so let's see what happens with. It was free to enter so I've not lost anything. Will update this page later to find out what happens, although I received an email from them stating that I might not hear anything until September as they've received a high number of submissions.

Gives me time to write other things I guess...

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