Centre Stage Solihull Promotional Video

Recently I was approached by an acting friend of mine, Jon, who appeared in Above The Fold. He told me about his new drama venture, Centre Stage Solihull. It would be a weekly drama group focused on kids aged 7 to 11 starting in September. 

His social media game was already really high; posting images and piece-to-camera videos, as well as advertising the website and getting reviews. The extra part to the success of this new group would be a promotional video. Something that could be shared on social media channels - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter - to build a bigger following and attract a larger audience come September 2018. Luckily Jon remembered that I 'dabbled', ...heavily... in the video world. 

We talked about what kind of video he wanted and looked at some examples. I showed off a few of my promotional videos that I had done for Oxford University which luckily, had been the type of content he was looking for.

After a few back and forthing with emails it looked like I had won the job. However, filmmaking isn't often a single handed task. I needed the expertise and technical skill of a good filmmaker. In walks Adam Palmer. A life long friend from University who has the technical know-how and skills to pull off some stunning cinematography! 

After careful planning, scheduling and discussions we shot the project on a wet May day and edited it throughout early June. We're really pleased with the results and you should check it out on the Portfolio Video page. Or go below:

From this experience and work ethic, we've managed to take on another project in the Solihull area for www.smart11plus.co.uk. A private tuition for those aged 11+ to assist in exam preparation. This will be shot in early August and I'll be posting about it throughout the month.

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