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Throughout my life I've been writing stories. Whenever I visit somewhere or find myself in a particular situation, I can imagine a story that links to it, and then build an idea from it. Most of my ideas are written in specific notepads, just to be pedantic. Then they are stored and kept like an ideas bank. Sometimes the ideas spark into fully fledged stories that could be a short film or a feature film with a start, middle and end. I've got a folder full of half written scripts, but I'm only going to upload the scripts that have been fully written or have made it past the first draft.

Tell No Tales

Tell No Tales. My second feature film script that is currently in development.

Set in the isolated hills of the Scottish Highlands, Max has to protect his fiancé and brother-in-law from a group of criminals looking to reclaim their stolen loot.

The film takes place over one day and revolves around a siege situation. Outnumbered and outgunned, Max has to negotiate an exit strategy with the gang so that it doesn't end in violent blood shed.

Length: 86 Pages (Draft 16)

Preview Length: 4 Pages

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Return to the Frontline

Return to the Frontline was the first feature film I wrote. It's about a group of pensioners that have to hold up in their care home and fight hordes of the undead.

Back in 2010, the zombie market was growing exponentially and this idea had been brewing in my mind for a while. 

I enjoy writing stories based in one location or set over a short period of time as it allows for interesting character dynamics. They have to debate and rely on each other throughout the story, often creating conflict as they go.

It removes the impact from the outside world. The characters introduced into the story are the only ones that can get themselves in and out of the situations they're placed in.

The script was sent to Hammer Films back in 2012 and received a small amount of feedback. Unfortunately, as of 2018 the zombie market is highly saturated and a first time script such as this would struggle to find its place. 

Length: 93 Pages

Preview Length: 10 Pages

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Colliding is a short film set at Oxford University. It follows a young student, Rachel, who seeks help from her tutor, Professor Hewitt. Upon arrival at the lecture theatre, Rachel realises that the erratic Professor is on the brink of life changing scientific discovery.

This project is currently in development and is sourcing funding. There are continued updates in the Sparks section Project in Progress for this short film. 

Please feel free to download a preview section of the script to find out more.

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A Comfortable Grave

A Comfortable Grave is a short film I made over two evenings in 2017. It's a micro short horror film that won Runner's Up in the London Short Film festival. You can view the finished film on the Videos page of my site.

I've uploaded the original script as well to be downloaded. As with most things a lot of changes took place when filming began so it's not shot for shot.

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A Match Made in Hell

A Match Made In Hell. Another one of my short films that has more of a Grindhouse twist to it. I imagine something along the lines of Notting Hill meets Jeffrey Dahmer. Splattering blood across the walls as well as exploring love between two serial killers who meet on a night out without either realising each other's dark secret.

Script length: 12 pages.

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